This site details the build of Roxanne, a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. You can find pages of various changes that are being done. She started life in the Van Nuys, CA assembly plant, with a carburated 305 under the hood and California emmissions certification. Currently, she is in Atlanta, GA, having some major rework done after someone who shouldn't have owned her got hold of her.

In Progress pictures of what is being done to her
Documentation detailing where various items came from and other important details
RPO Codes and what they mean
Original Pictures of Roxanne as she was when I came to know her
Current Pictures of Roxanne as she is as of 06/20/09
Updated Interior Recovered headliner, visors, and sail panels, as of 2/23/12
List of work done to car

Current Status
Running fine