Engine is from a 1988 TransAm. VIN was 1G2FW2188JL205353.
USA, GM, Pontiac, TransAm, Hatchback, Manual Restraints, 350TPI, 1988, Van Nuys, CA plant.

Transmission is a T5. Tag numbers are 4084168 15 42
GM 1985 Camaro/Firebird 5.0 V8 donor, according to the tag numbers
13-52-072 12870
9t/19t gear set for speedo, to work with 2.73 rear end
Gear set from P.A.T.C Speed Shop

ECU info
Tag numbers 7-7165
Calibration 0297EA

Fuel supply info:
Fuel pump strainer: Airtex FS22
Fuel Pump w/wiring harness: Carter P74006
Fuel filter: Purolator F33144
Gasket and lock ring for tank: Carter TLR7
Fuel lines from 1988 TransAm donor car, that engine came from

Door lock set: GM 700795AB1C001
Door locks fit fine, trunk lock does not fit, Original has a square peg in the back, new one has a square slot

Flywheel machined by:

Pilot Bushing: Federal Mogul PB-656-HD
Clutch: Summit Racing SUM-700152
Starter: Summit Racing SUM-829100
Engine Mounts: DEA Products PIO-A2292
Transmission Mount: DEA Products PIO-A2394
Electric Cooling Fans: Flex-a-lite FLX-220
Adjustable Temp Fan Controller: Hayden HDA-3647
Fixed Temp Fan Controller: Hayden HDA-3652
Electric Switches (for fan controllers): Pico PCO-5534PT
(All except the Pilot Bushing came from Summit Racing)

Mass Airflow Sensor: A1 Cardone 74-1243 (1985 Corvette MAF)
Serpentine belt: 980K6
Transmission output shaft seal: National 9613S

Behind-dash wiring harness is from a 1988 Camaro
Stereo connector is from a 1992 Camaro
Rear view mirror and wiring is from a 1994 Camaro

Blower fan replaced, part # 35588 1/21/12
Hood struts replaced, part #4422 1/21/12

Cooling fan motor replaced, FLX-30310K, Summit, 1/28/12
Drivers Seat replaced, SCA-80-1606-64L, Summit, 1/28/12
Seat bracket, SCA-81168, Summit, 1/28/12